Psychological assessments are structured investigations used to generate symptom profiles for purposes of diagnosis and treatment planning. They can be brief, as when one or two self-report questionnaires are given during intake for therapy, or extensive as when multiple psychological tests and clinical interviews are combined to create comprehensive reports of personality and mental health status. Assessments can be undertaken, with client informed consent, for the purposes of third parties such as legal representatives, medical practitioners, insurance companies and courts. Individuals can request assessments of specific areas of personal functioning to help with self-understanding.

Dr. Holt offers assessments for adults as part of treatment planning. She accepts referrals of adults for assessment of trauma, personality and mental health disorders. Her assessment work with children and teens focuses on investigations of social/ emotional development, self-esteem, personality development and family integration.

Dr. Holt does not provide the following:
  • psychoeducational assessments
  • neuropsychological assessment