Psychological assessments are structured investigations used to generate symptom profiles for purposes of diagnosis and treatment planning. They can be brief, as when one or two self-report questionnaires are given during intake for therapy, or extensive as when multiple psychological tests and clinical interviews are combined to create comprehensive reports of personality and mental health status. Assessments can be undertaken, with client informed consent, for the purposes of third parties such as legal representatives, medical practitioners, insurance companies and courts. Individuals can request assessments of specific areas of personal functioning to help with self-understanding.

Dr. Holt offers assessments for adults as part of treatment planning. She accepts referrals of adults for assessment of trauma, personality and mental health disorders. Her assessment work with children and teens focuses on investigations of social/ emotional development, self-esteem, personality development and family integration.

Dr. Holt does not provide the following:
  • psychoeducational assessments
  • neuropsychological assessment



Psychologists select therapies that are based on research and conform to established best practices. We match interventions to client symptom profiles and client outcome goals. The interventions most often used by Dr. Holt in her treatment services are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and techniques from Interpersonal and Supportive therapies.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy focuses on the influence of thoughts and beliefs on emotion and behaviour. The aim is development of healthy thinking that will promote adaptive functioning. Psychologist and client collaborate to identify maladaptive thought and behaviour patterns and to develop action plans for change. Between-sessions homework is a feature of CBT.

Interpersonal Therapy aims to improve client’s patterns of communication and ways of relating to others. Psychologist and client identify triggers to troubling emotions and as they talk together, clients are supported toward healthy expression of emotion and guided toward behavioural change.

Supportive Therapy techniques direct attention to symptom relief, improved self-esteem and restoration of previously effective functioning. They can be used alone, as in brief therapy, or combined with other treatment modalities. Supportive strategies can help psychologist and client build a comfortable and effective treatment alliance and, in termination planning, serve to emphasize client goal achievements.

In her treatment work, Dr. Holt maintains focus on client strengths and acknowledges client growth toward independence from need for therapy support. She provides both individual and group therapy for anxiety and mood disorders, relationship, stress, lifestyle, behavioural and performance difficulties.



Dr. Holt has served in a consultation role to Child and Family Mental Health and Eating Disorder agencies. As a consultant, she offers to bring knowledge and skills of professional psychology to consulting partners. She practices consultation as a collaborative, interactive, indirect psychological service. She is available to consult in public and private mental health agencies and with Physicians in family practice.



The workshop venue allows Dr. Holt opportunity to stay involved with teaching and training. She offers programs to small groups (maximum 15 participants) at the Shubenacadie office and is available to bring her workshops to your setting for presentation to larger groups. Her current workshop menu includes:
  • The Confident Rider Workshop
  • Be Calm, Be Confident: Using psychological strategies to be a better dog trainer.
  • Maintaining Healthy Relationships
  • Strengthening Family Relationships
  • Impact of Parent Mental Health on Child Development
  • Stress management: Creating Balance 



Dr. Holt is now able to offer access to an online program designed to support Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety, depression and specific fears. When you attend your first session at Shubenacadie Psychology, ask her about Conquer Anxiety Pro. Conquer Anxiety Pro is an easy to use application that gives you access to online help for anxiety, depression, and exposure therapy. Work through the course on your own time, and build on what you have learned from face to face sessions. Each course is presented using engaging video, which can serve to refresh your memory of what you have learned. Monitor your progress online, and view how your mood improves over time with progress tracking.