What are First Steps sessions?

These 2 hour sessions each have a primary focus: anxiety, depression, stress, behavioural change. They are designed to promote understanding, acceptance and management of emotional distress for improved coping.

Who might benefit?
Individuals who want to explore what psychological intervention can do for them, without committing to multiple sessions. Individuals who have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression or stress disorders Individuals wanting to begin the difficult task of habit change. Individuals who have limited funding for treatment.

What are the expected outcomes?
Participants will acquire intervention skills for immediate use. Participants will have information pertinent to choosing next step interventions.

What happens in the session?
Dr. Holt uses information and strategies from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to enable participants to identify and practice appropriate coping skills. Participants are encouraged to share concerns, but these sessions are not intended for extensive disclosure or emotional communication. The focus is on skill building and supporting initial steps in reducing distress and enhancing well-being.

How are the sessions organized?

They are offered as either individual or group sessions (maximum of 4 participants). Intake is by phone or e-mail Dr. Holt at 261 2421, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The cost is $150 for group and $250 for individual session.


Expressing the feelings of loss, anger and sadness that accompany grief can help heal the pain. Acceptance and non-judgemental listening from others who are grieving can facilitate understanding and resolution. The Recovery from Bereavement Group is a psychotherapy intervention that provides a forum for working through the journey of grief.

The group meets for 6, one and a half hour sessions, with extension to 10 sessions available if requested. Each group has a maximum of 5 participants and is led by Psychologist, Dr. Julia Holt.

What to expect in Group:
  • you will meet others experiencing situations similar to yours
  • you will be able to share thoughts, feelings and memories
  • information about the process and tasks of grief will be provided
  • strategies that can provide comfort and promote healing will be presented
  • you will be able to begin the task of aligning your identity to your new reality

To join this recovery group, please call Dr. Holt at 902-405-8329 or 1-855-405-8329.

The cost for 6 sessions is $450 ($75 per session). Receipts for individual sessions are provided.


This six-week program teaches cognitive and behavioural strategies to reduce symptoms of anxiety disorders and help resolve issues that promote anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

A maximum of six women participants are matched, as far as possible, for similarity of presenting problems and each group is tailored to meet the needs of the specific women involved.

The group meets for a weekly, 1.5 hour session

This is a structured program with each session having an agenda:
  • to learn strategy
  • to have opportunity for discussion
  • to receive and review homework assignments
  • to develop a record of accomplishments
  • to develop a personal relapse prevention plan

No one is asked to speak or to disclose anything she prefers to keep private. Written communication with Dr. Holt is encouraged at each session.

Referrals may be made by Health Care professionals.
Self referrals are very welcome.

For further information and registration, please contact us.