Dr. Julia Holt offers psychological services for adults, teens and children in Shubenacadie, Truro,  and surrounding area. Her practice includes assessment, psychotherapy and consultation for issues in personal growth, habit change and mental health. She is a rural resident by birth and preference and brings understanding of, and commitment to, concerns particular to farm, village and town.


Address: Box 43
Shubenacadie NS B0N 2H0
Offices: 5 Mill Village Rd.,Suite 200, Shubenacadie Professional Centre, Shubenacadie
64 Queen St., Empowerment Health, Truro
Phone: 902-405-8329
Fax: 902-261-2194
E-mail: drholt@shubenacadiepsychology.com

Registered Psychologist

Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology: RO515
College of Psychologists of Ontario:2255

Service for Individuals

  • Therapy for adults with anxiety and mood disorders, relationship, stress and lifestyle difficulties
  • Therapy for children and teens with anxiety and mood disorders, behavioural and performance issues
  • Assessment of adult mental health
  • Assessment of child and teen mental health
  • Consultation for parenting support

Service for Groups

  • Small group (maximum 6 participants), 6 session, skill-building programs for management of anxiety, mood, stress.
  • Conflict resolution sessions for families, co-workers, business partners 
  • Workshops for enhanced enjoyment and performance in equestrian and canine sports
  • Professional development workshops for teachers, child and youth workers


Dr. Holt is now able to offer access to an online program designed to support Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety, depression and specific fears. When you attend your first session at Shubenacadie Psychology, ask her about Conquer Anxiety Pro. Conquer Anxiety Pro is an easy to use application that gives you access to online help for anxiety, depression, and exposure therapy. Work through the course on your own time, and build on what you have learned from face to face sessions. Each course is presented using engaging video, which can serve to refresh your memory of what you have learned. Monitor your progress online, and view how your mood improves over time with progress tracking. 

Privacy Policy

Psychologists are required to hold in confidence all that is told to them, with the exception of information that indicates a client is at risk for harm to self or others. Client information is kept in secure files that can be accessed only with a client’s informed consent or upon subpoena by the court. Psychologists take care to avoid accidental identification of clients as they participate in day-to-day community life. A written statement of privacy policies and procedures is provided to every client.